Livvy Stone

Contemporary Romance Author

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Olivia “Livvy” Stone

Hey there, I'm Livvy!

I cook up contemporary romances that pack a passionate punch.

Think rollercoaster emotions, heartbreak, and, of course, that delicious 'happily ever after' cherry on top.

You'll often find me at our fave local café, accompanied by my trusty sidekick, Camille.

She's a fluffy, golden long-haired mini doxie.

Together, we turn daydreams into juicy love stories—one napkin at a time!

Why not hop on board and join me for these literary escapades?

My books aren't just words; they're a ticket to a world where your heart races, your cheeks blush, and your stomach flutters with the sheer thrill of love.

So, whether you're sipping on a cozy cup of tea or indulging in a glass of wine, grab your beverage of choice, dive headfirst into one of my novels, and let me whisk you away to a realm where love conquers all.

Step into the world of the 'Billionaire Grumps' series of standalone novels,

where powerful tycoons with icy exteriors collide with warm-hearted, sunshiny souls in sizzling tales of love, passion, and transformation.

These billionaires may be grumps on the surface, but their hearts are about to melt

in the most unexpected ways.

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Livvy’s “Billionaire Grumps” Standalone Books

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A fake marriage to the hottest, sexiest billionaire ever seems like my only lifeline.

But I hate him for causing my parents’ death.

Years ago I fled my small town, furious and in pain, blaming Dylan for my parents' tragic fate.

Now I've returned to care for my comatose brother.

His best friend Dylan offers a fake marriage, framing it as the lifeline I need to save our family’s business.

Reluctantly, I agree, unaware of his hidden agenda.

Dylan Maclaine. Cocky, coldhearted…

… and sheer, sinful allure.

Tight jeans showcasing those muscular thighs and tight buns.

His shirt strains against his sculpted, powerful muscles underneath, begging for a touch…

Or to be torn away.

We were just pretending… at first.

But this is all starting to feel too real.

The pull between us is electric, undeniable.

The moment his lips touch mine, at the altar, I’m done — total surrender.

The taste of him is intoxicating, something uniquely Dylan — a blend of dark chocolate and red wine, a flavor bold and daring, just like the man himself.

I need him to do things to me. Naughty things.

…And the way he protects me…

My head is spinning, and I can’t think straight.

Desire and dread wage war in my heart.

I can't help but wonder if there’s a twist I don't know yet.

I just want to run, to get away from this confusing, magnetic force.

This game I’m getting into is too risky.

If I end up falling for the guy responsible for my parent’s death, will I be next?

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An Enemies to Lovers

Small-Town Romance

Max Decker is back. He’s my small town’s hockey god and my brother's best friend.

Not to mention the man who took my V-card and vanished without a word.

Arrogant, dominant, he looks every bit the man I remember—and more.

His white T-shirt clings to his powerful arms.

And his hands... strong, big, and thick, reveal his well-endowed nature.

Now an NHL star, Max has a tempting proposition.

He needs a fake fiancée to secure a multi-million-dollar endorsement deal.

I'm not eager to play pretend with the boy who broke my heart.

but my family's business is in jeopardy, and Max can save me.

As our charade heats up, old flames reignite.

Barriers fall, and stolen glances sizzle with desire.

I don't want slow seduction—I need a blazing inferno.

I'll go mad unless I explore his sculpted, powerful muscles and taste all of him.

But jealousies flare and our deal hangs by a thread.

I feel betrayed yet again.

Max faces a choice: his deal or us.

I should probably tell him at this point that I'm pregnant.

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Coming up on December 6

An Enemies to Lovers

Fake Relationship Romance (Billionaire Grumps)

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Coming up on January 3

An Enemies to Lovers

Brother’s Best Friend Romance (Billionaire Grumps)

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